Art Discovery through your Creative Identity

Discover art as you discover your creative identity on Cohart

We live in a world full of ideas. Once the internet was born, everyone’s ideas, creations, and communities became accessible via technology. As a result, we feel compelled to represent ourselves alongside our ideas. Now, we’re hyper-focused on building our identities in digital spaces.

There is no shortage of information in the digital landscape, so how can we curate the content we intake to tell our own story? At Cohart, we believe this is feasible through art discovery. By remixing what we know we love, we can better understand the art that represents our personalities and showcase this art to represent ourselves to the digital world.

Here’s how it’s done:

We’re re-envisioning how discovery works today under these core principles:

1. Start with things we know we love to offer a comfortable starting point

Many people talk about not having a “starting point” with their art discovery experience. What if we start with something pre-existing? Like the clothes you wear, the music you listen to, or the book you read on your last vacation. Let’s start by seeing what art aligns with your style and values.

2. Find art and artists based on your own values and vibes

Imagine being able to discover based on your vibe and values, as opposed tags that might not have any direct connection to you (i.e. “bold + feminism” vs “19th-century + modern art + by women”). It makes art discovery emotionally fueled, as opposed to hyper-intellectualized.

3. Discover together

Imagine an art playlist you can share with friends, or a moodboard you can collectively put together for your next apartment with your partner. We’re making discovery social to enable your creative identity to grow co-currently with your creative communities.

Discover art as you discover your creative identity on Cohart

The more you discover and share your identity here, the more art you find. The more art you find here, the more you discover and share your identity. Our new discovery remix feature is coming out this fall (we’re currently teeing it up with the first set of artists).

We built a collaborative activity so everyone can share their creative identity with us (deadline to join: end of September 2022). Upon completion, we will be pair your selections with artworks, and send the results your way. Join the activity board here:

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